Roof Abutment Trays

High Performance Preformed Roof Abutment Trays





Preformed Roof Abutment Trays are manufactured from a high performance flexible polymeric dpc material. They are high frequency welded and electronically tested at seams to ensure integrity.

Roof Abutment Trays can be trimmed to suit on site, offering a versatile solution to diverse details and are suitable for all roof pitches from 33 degrees.

Option 1 allows for a change of level unit incorporated within each course.

Option 2 allows for each tray per course to discharge on to the next tray following the roof line with a catchment tray to discharge any water at the bottom of the roof pitch.

Option 3 follows the same principle as option 2, with the exception that the tray sits flat within the cavity, this is sometimes required in retro fitting when trays have been omitted.

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